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If you are looking to find that perfect present for a chess playing friend, or a business gift or appreciation award, check out our chess sets and paperweights below. These luxurious chess sets and chess accessories have been crafted by artisans from around the world. The chess paperweights are actually pieces from our sizable Imperial Force and Magnum Metal chess sets, and will look beautiful in a wide variety of settings.

For more options of various chess sets combined with various chess boards, see our Chess Boards web page.


Marble Chess Sets
Alabaster Chess Sets
Marble Chess Sets

Click on the picture to see our marble chess sets:
Add classic beauty to any room with one of our elegant marble chess sets:
  • Black and White marble pieces on a Black and White marble board
  • Black and Tan marble pieces on a Black and Tan marble board
  • Other Marble chess sets

  • Alabaster Chess Sets

    Click on the picture to see our alabaster chess sets:
  • Chess Men in Jewel-Tone Colors
  • Matching Alabaster Boards, plain or wood-framed
  • Inlaid Wood Chest and Board Combinations
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  • Glass Chess Sets
    Harry Potter / Isle of Lewis Chess Set
    Glass Chess Sets

    Click on the picture to see our glass chess sets:
  • Black and Frosted White pieces on mirrored board

  • Harry Potter / Isle of Lewis Chess Set

    World's oldest known chess set design, brilliantly executed by Studio Anne Carlton and featured in the first Harry Potter movie. A great chess gift for chess players, history buffs, and Harry Potter fans alike. King Chess pieces are 3.5 inches (9cms) in height, with a 1.75 inch base. Click on picture for more details. Note: This set may be purchased separately, or with a board. You will need a board with at least 2 inch squares. We recommend our 18 inch black granite board, similar to what is pictured. Our black granite board provides a dramatic counterpoint to the warm and finely detailed medieval chess pieces. See it on our Chess Boards page. See drop-down list below.
    Harry Potter / Isle of Lewis Chess Set
    IOLCM$169.00Select Board: 
    Chess Paperweights Make Great Desk Decor
    Chess Paperweights Make Great Desk Decor

    These solid metal chess piece paperweights are machined from solid brass or steel, then plated in 24 kt gold, chrome or clear coat. Placed in your den or executive suite, they make a subtle statement about you and about your interest in a game long associated with power, strategy and intelligence. A beautiful addition to your desk decor or a great gift to help your favorite chess buff celebrate the game of kings! These paperweights also make great business gifts or appreciation awards. Just click on the picture for a closer look at these marvelous chess accessories.. Select from:
                                          Height (inches)
    Steel Pawn    N/A  Brass Pawn   $15     3.0 
    Chrome Pawn   N/A  Gold Pawn    N/A     3.0
    Steel Rook    N/A  Brass Rook   N/A     3.2
    Chrome Rook   N/A  Gold Rook    N/A     3.2
    Steel Bishop  N/A  Brass Bishop N/A     5.0
    Chrome Bishop N/A  Gold Bishop  N/A     5.0
    Steel Knight  N/A  Brass Knight N/A     4.0
    Chrome Knight N/A  Gold Knight  N/A     4.0
    Steel Queen   N/A  Brass Queen  N/A     6.0
    Chrome Queen  N/A  Gold Queen   N/A     6.0
    Steel King    N/A  Brass King   N/A     6.5
    Chrome King   N/A  Gold King    N/A     6.5
    (Drop-down list below allows selection of each piece. Price will be as above)
    Chess Paperweights Make Great Desk Decor
    Starting at:$15.00Chess Piece: 

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