Handsome All-Marble Chess Sets in a Variety of Colors

As a Decorative Accent:
The word "marble" derives from a Greek word that means "shining stone”. Marble was the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects. Because of this, marble and decorative objects such as marble chess sets, have become cultural symbols of tradition and refined taste.

As an Appreciation Gift:
Chess is a game long associated with power, strategy, and achievement. Symbolizing the ascendancy of intelligence over chance, chess relates directly and easily to the strategic aspects of business. Chess sets then, can make great appreciation gifts for respected clients, vendors, producers or decision-makers in an organization. Marble chess sets, with their weight, beauty and traditonal associations with civilizations both ancient and modern are particularily appropriate for this purpose.

Majestic Marble <br>Black and White Chess Set
Marble Chess Set <br>in Green and White
Majestic Marble <br>Black and White Chess Set

This is a generously-sized marble chess set - The King is over 4 inches tall, with a 1 3/16 inch diameter base, and the board is 18 inches on a side, with 2 inch squares of black and white marble, with a green marble border. This marble chess set is a wonderful present for your favorite chess player.

Note: Board and chessmen can also be purchased separately. See our "Chess Pieces" and "Chess Boards" pages.
Majestic Marble
Black and White Chess Set

Marble Chess Set <br>in Green and White

Striking chess set in white and green marble with matching 16 inch board. Board has green and white 1 3/4 inch squares and a green border. King stands 3 1/2 inches tall. The King and Queen chess pieces have 1 1/4 inch diameter bases. Both the pieces and board have protective felt bottoms.Click picture for more details.
Marble Chess Set
in Green and White

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