Solid Metal Chess Men in Brass and Steel

This beautiful set of chess men is machined from solid brass
and solid steel to create a unique set you will not find
anywhere else. It is a Luxury Chess exclusive. This set has been
out of production for years until a few remaining sets were
recently located that can now be sold. Once these sets are gone,
there will be no more, as the current costs of brass and steel
makes their production infeasible.

King - 1in diameter base, 3 1/4in tall
Queen - 1in diameter base, 3in tall
Bishop - 7/8in diameter base, 2 1/4 in tall
Rook - 7/8in diameter base, 1 3/4in tall
Knight - 7/8in diameter base, 1 7/8in tall
Pawn - 7/8in diameter base, 1 1/2in tall

Solid Metal Chess Men in Brass and Steel (discontinued)
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