A Review of <br>Luxury Chess

I just found luxurychess.com while doing some early holiday shopping and I must say they have one of the most attractive and interesting chess websites I have found so far.

First of all, I want to compliment them on the wide selection of unique chess sets that they have. I could go to any website and find the same 3 standard sets, but I have to come to their site to find the truly unique and exotic products. I really appreciate a store owner that takes the time to search out new and unusual items, and that is one of the reasons I am going to bookmark them, and come back all of the time to check out what they have found.

The most interesting set that I saw was the Isle of Lewis / Harry Potter set. At first I couldn’t understand why this set was called a Harry Potter model, but a quick inspection of the text revealed that this was the model used in the first movie. Ah hah!

I happen to be a huge Harry Potter fan and love the idea of having a little piece of that magic in our own Muggle world. I was also interested to read that it was a replica of the oldest complete chess set ever found, and was discovered by fisherman off the coast of Britain. What a fascinating story.

I also have to compliment them on the way they offer the pieces and the boards separately. That is something I have always hated about chess stores, they always bundle everything as sets. I would much rather be able to mix and match pieces and boards to create exactly the custom set that I want.

They have done a great job on their site. Being a fan of unique chess sets, and chess in general, I will be sure to stop by their shop regularly.

Review provided by Joseph, an associate and designer of severalPebbleArt stone chess sets

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