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Harry Potter / Isle of Lewis Chess Men (Temporarily Discontinued)

Click either picture to enlarge. World's Oldest Known Chess Set, and featured in the first Harry Potter movie!! Whilst the origins of chess are known to date back hundreds of years, the oldest complete set of chess pices in the world is the one found by a local fisherman on the Isle of Lewis. Carved from Walrus Tusk, these pieces are on display in the British Museum in London. The replica of these pieces look stunning and manage to take us back in time to when the originals were used.

King Chess pieces are 3.5 inches (9cms) in height, with a 1.75 inch base. Characters:- King:- King on the Throne, Queen:- Queen on the throne, Bishop:- Bishop doing blessing, Knight:- Soldier on Horseback,Castle:-Soldier with shield, Pawn:-Stone

These chess pieces have felt bottoms and come packaged in a lined, presentation box.

NOTE: This chess set can be ordered separately, or with a board. For this set you will need a board with at least 2 inch squares. We recommend our 18 inch black granite board, similar to what is pictured. Our black granite board provides a dramatic counterpoint to the warm and finely detailed medieval chess pieces. See it on our "Chess Boards" page. See drop-down list below.

Harry Potter / Isle of Lewis Chess Men (Temporarily Discontinued)
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