18in Black & White Marble Chess Board (Out of Stock)
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Product Description

Eighteen inch Marble Chess Board for Sale. The word "marble" derives from a Greek word that means "shining stone”. Marble was the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects. Because of this, marble and decorative objects such as marble chess sets, have become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste.

This beautiful marble chess board works great with a variety of chess piece styles. It is pictured here with matching marble chess pieces which can be ordered with the chess board on the Chess Sets page as the Majestic Marble Chess Set. Order the chess board here if you want the board only. It is 18 inches on a side and has 2 inch squares. The squares are black and white marble and the border is green marble. The chess board has a protective felt bottom.

Note: The chess pieces for this board may be purchased on our "Chess Pieces" page. The complete set is available on our "Chess Sets" page. OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE