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Staunton Chess Set in Brass and Steel

Click either picture to enlarge. The chess men for this unique and outstanding chess set are machined from solid steel and brass in the classic Staunton style, then coated with clear lacquer to protect the high-tech appearance of our signature Luxury Chess pieces. When played or displayed, the buttery glow of the brass chess pieces contrasts nicely with the handsome grey lustre of the steel chess pieces. The brass and steel also gives these chessmen an impressive weight and feel when handled. Each chess piece is quite durable and has a protective felt bottom. These brass and steel chess pieces may be purchased alone, with a walnut veneer or mirrored glass board. These chess boards are all about 15 inches on a side, and each square is 1.5 inches on a side. This chess set makes a unique chess gift that you will not see elsewhere. Suitable for presentation as an executive award. For chess piece dimensions, and a closer look at the pieces in this set, click their image on the Chess Pieces page.

This set is for those who appreciate the hi-tech look of machined metal. They are actually identical to the pieces in the Luxury Staunton set, except without the gold and chrome plating. NOTE: This set is sold out and is discontinued.

Heavy Metal Chess Set
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